Contact Information

Phone: 423-338-5588
E-mail: info@campocoee.com 

Registering for Camp
Who is eligible to attend YMCA Camp Ocoee?
Boys and girls 7 to 17 years of age may enroll. Ranger Camp for campers 7- rising High School Sophomore.  Teen Leadership programs for rising High School Juniors and Seniors.  A camper may enroll for one or more sessions but may not enroll for a portion of a session.
Camp Ocoee may not be able to serve children with special physical or mental conditions.  Please call 423-338-5588 to discuss the needs of your child prior to registering.

What do I need to submit to register my child for camp?
We need a completed registration form (both sides) and the deposit of $150 per camper/session.  Register online for fastest processing.  

When are the fees Due?
Balance is due for all sessions: May 15, 2020

Can you set up an auto draft to pay my fees?
Yes, If you would like us to charge your credit card monthly up to the due date for your session we would be happy to set that up for you.  Please call Chelsey at 423-338-5588 to set up the payment plan.
Do you offer scholarships?
Yes.  Scholarships are available through YMCA Camp Ocoee’s Community Support Campaign.  Scholarship dollars are awarded on a first come first served basis.  Visit the Registration Information page for more information and to download the forms needed to process the scholarship.
What if I need to change or cancel a session?
All changes and cancellations must be made in writing either through the mail, fax (attn. Chelsey) or e-mail info@campocoee.com

We are happy to move your child to any available session at no additional charge.

I understand that $50 of my deposit is a registration fee that is nonrefundable under any circumstances.  I understand that if Camp Ocoee receives written notification of cancellation prior to May 15, 2020, I will receive a full refund less my registration fee ($50).  Notification after May 15, 2020 will result in the loss of the $150 deposit (per session, per camper).  Cancellations made less than 2 weeks prior to the start of your respective session will forfeit all previous payments.  Cancellations will not be accepted by phone, but can be emailed to info@campocoee.com.

Any camper leaving prior to the end of stated period of encampment is not entitled to a refund except in case of illness or accident. Camp management reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any applicant deemed undesirable or not in the best interest of Camp Ocoee and our guests.

Does YMCA Camp Ocoee offer programs for children with special needs?
We will make every attempt to serve campers who have physical or emotional problems; however, our physical setting of hilly country and rocky areas makes it difficult to serve campers with certain physical limitations.  Please call 423-338-5588 to discuss the particular care your camper will require before submitting your registration.

Can we tour the property prior to registering?
We would love to show you around camp.  Call our office at 423-338-5588 to schedule a tour.
Preparing For Camp

How are cabin assignments made?
Cabin assignments will be made on the basis of age, gender, and school grade.  One of the goals of camp is to encourage new friendships, therefore we recommend that close friends not always be placed in the same cabin.  Mutual buddy requests from campers are honored; however older campers will always be placed with the younger cabin.  Therefore, both campers must have the other listed as their “Cabin Mate request” on their registration form to ensure the pairing is made.  If you have a special situation which you feel should be considered, please call at least two weeks prior to the session.  Please remember that even if two personal are not in the same cabin, there are many opportunities to spend time together in camp.  Campers are not able to request specific counselors.
Can I have my child fly to a nearby airport for their camp session?
Yes.  All incoming campers must arrive at the Chattanooga Airport (CHA) by 12 noon on opening Sundays.  Camp Ocoee staff will be at the airport to escort the camper to camp.  Campers flying without adult supervision are required to fly as “unaccompanied minors.”  The camp staff will sign the camper out from the airlines at the airport.

All departures must be made before 12 noon on closing Saturdays. Campers not able to depart before then should arrange departure times for the Friday afternoon or evening of the previous day. Note: Clear all arrival and departure schedules with the camp office at least four weeks in advance of the date.

When is Check-in and Check-out for each session?
All sessions check in between 1:00 - 2:30 PM Eastern Time and check out between 9:30 - 10:30 AM Eastern Time.  If you are unable to arrive by 10:30am (ET) on check-out day, we are happy to care for your children until 12:30pm (ET) for an additional $20.  Just call the office at 423-338-5588 to add Extended Care to your child's registration.
What if my child needs to leave prior to Saturday?
If you need to check your camper out prior to Saturday check out please call the camp office at least one week prior to the session.  The camper will be in the Camp Office at the approved time ready for check out early.
Do I need to take my child to the doctor prior to camp?
Every camper is required to have  a health form on file at camp. Health forms must be mailed into the camp office prior to the camper's arrival. No camper will be allowed to remain in camp without a completed health form.  A physical is not required for participation.
Does the camp provide health insurance for the campers?
All campers should provide their own insurance coverage. This must be noted on the health form with complete insurance information provided. If your child needs medical attention other than what can be handled at camp, your insurance is the primary coverage. Camp does carry insurance, but it is secondary.

Where can I find the “What to Bring List” for camp?
Visit the Preparing for Camp and download the Parent Handbook for more information on Camp Ocoee and the "What to Bring List”.  Please pay special attention to the list of items to leave at home. 

Why does my child need sheets and a sleeping bag?
Our mattresses are plastic coated and a fitted sheet is more comfortable for the camper.  Also each cabin will have the opportunity to go on an overnight camp-out one evening.  Sleeping bags are easier for the campers than a blanket.

During Check-in
Where do we go when we arrive at camp?
Ocoee staff will check your camper in along the road.  They will let you know if we are missing any paperwork or need any further information.  If we have all the required paperwork and your camper does not take any regular medication, you will be directed to the camper’s cabin for check in.  .  Once your campers is settled in the cabin leave them with the counselors and you are free to leave.  We ask that all parents depart camp by 3pm so we can begin the camp session.
What if my child takes medication or vitamins?
All medication (including O.T.C. meds) a camper is taking must be turned in to the camp nurse during check-in. The medication must be in the original container. The nurse must be notified of any illness the camper has had during the previous week.
What do the campers do on the first day of camp?
Once all the campers in a cabin are checked in the cabin will go on a camp tour, take their swim test, get their cabin photo, and begin to get to know the counselors and other campers in their cabin.
What is the Camp Store?
Our Merchandise store, “The Outfitter”, will be open on opening and closing day of each session.  At this store you will be able to purchase t-shirts, hats, water bottles, stuffed animals, and other YMCA Camp Ocoee merchandise.  Merchandise will only be sold on opening and closing day.

The campers will receive a snack and a drink daily at no additional charge.  Campers do not need any cash while at camp.

During Camp
How can I stay in touch with my campers while they are at camp?
All campers enjoy a letter from home. Please send letters to:
                Camper Name
                Cabin Name
                111 YMCA Drive
                Ocoee, TN 37361
You can also fax them at 423-338-5507 or e-mail them at camper@campocoee.com.  Please be sure to include their name and cabin in the subject line of the fax or e-mail.   
Is there a religious emphasis at camp?
As a YMCA camp, Camp Ocoee sees the development of Christian character as a primary objective.  Our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.   Each day an interdenominational chapel service is given by staff and cabin groups. Each evening before taps campers gather in cabin groups for a short devotion. The opportunity to discuss the day's activities provides a meaningful tool in developing a stronger Christian faith.
Can we come visit our camper while they are at camp?
Campers staying for one week should not have visitors. For campers staying more than one week, family and friends may visit on Saturday and Sunday afternoons of the session break. Please notify the camp in advance if you plan to visit.

How do you handle camper discipline?
Camp rules are designed to enhance the happiness and safety of all campers. Children who do not demonstrate appropriate behavior in the judgment of the directors will be sent home from camp. Early dismissal due to discipline will not warrant the refund of fees.

How is the food?  My child is a picky eater?
The menu includes a wide variety of food types, fit to please any child. Breakfasts include a cereal bar, and lunch and dinner have a salad and sandwich bar with a big selection to choose from.  

If your child has an allergy or restriction to a particular food or ingredient, please include this on the campers health form.

Does the camp offer laundry?
For those campers staying longer than one session, laundry will be taken to a commercial laundry service. The charge will be deducted from the Stay-Over Fee.  If a camper soils their bedding during the session the nurses will wash it and return it to the cabin at no charge.

What if my child is homesick during their stay at camp?
Staff make a concentrated effort to help campers overcome homesickness by helping them learn to accept the natural feeling of missing family and friends. We keep our campers busy and try to interest them in new and fun activities. The camp director will contact you if staff needs assistance in dealing with the most difficult cases.
Is their medical staff on site during the session?
Routine scrapes and cuts will be treated by our resident nurse using standard first aid procedures. Campers needing additional medical attention are taken to our camp doctor or hospital in Cleveland. In the event of an accident or illness needing more than routine first aid, we will attempt to notify the parents. In the event you cannot be reached, your authorization signed on the health form allows us to secure prompt treatment.

What happens when it rains?
If it is just raining (or as we call it at camp Liquid Sunshine) we will continue with our program as normal.  If there is thunder or lightning we will bring the campers into a secure building to play games until the storm has past.  Rainy days usually end with a large muddy game so be sure to send old clothes you do not want back.