Campers may also sign up for special elective activities to enhance their camp experience. Please note that there is an extra fee for these activities.

Special Electives

  • Water Skiing $115 (all ages) includes four one-hour sessions shared with two or three other skiers. Campers choose skiing, wakeboarding or knee boarding.
  • Paintball $30 (ages 10 + up) Campers participate in one two hour splattering paintball session.
  • Paintball plus $20 (ages 10+up) extra session for those who are paintball fanatics.
  • Hiwassee River Rafting $50 (ages 10+ up) Campers float on the scenic Hiwassee River. A great time for younger campers or first time whitewater rafters. Camp Ocoee uses Hiwassee Outfitters for our groups on the Hiwassee River.
  • Ocoee River Rafting $70 (ages 12+ up)  Be a part of the excitement on the exhilarating Ocoee River. The combination of reliable water flows and exciting whitewater along with some of the friendliest and best-trained guides in the country make the Ocoee river perfect for beginners and experts.  Camp Ocoee uses Adventures Unlimited to guide our groups on the Ocoee River.
  • Horseback Riding  $125 (all ages)  This program consists of four one hour periods. Basic skills, such as grooming the horses and riding in an enclosed area doing various exercises, help campers to feel comfortable with the animals. Later on during that week, they may do some trail riding. Are you looking for more saddle time?  Check out the Horse Adventure Camp!    
  • Weekend Stayover $100 (all ages)  Campers attending multiple 1 week sessions may choose to participate in activities between sessions by registering for Stayover. Stayover is specially planned between the sessions and usually includes activities at camp, time for rest, pizza, movies, and more. Parents who choose to take their campers out of camp for the weekend must do so during normal Check-in and Check-out.

"Come to have fun and leave a better person"-- Ocoee Camper

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