adventure princess

The YMCA Adventure Princess Program is for fathers and their daughters (5-11 years).   

Through the Adventure Guides Program, parents* and children develop healthy relationships, gain a sense of belonging, and learn the importance of giving back to the community through one-on-one interactions, activities with other families, and community service projects. At the heart of the program are the Compass Points, which give members a sense of direction and an inspiration for activities. 

• Family. Family is “true north”—the focal point of the program.
• Nature. The natural world and the camping experience are integral parts of the program.
 Community. The spirit of the program is experienced through belonging to a small Community—the Circle.
• Fun. Fun is the magic of the program. The Y’s core values—caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility—make up the other guiding principles of the program.

Spring Campout Dates:

  • April 27-29, 2018

For more information, contact: 
Chelsea Schwabe

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